Hello from Chris

When Carole was planning to start First Stages I wanted to give her plenty of support because I knew how much the idea had meant to her for many years. However I hadn’t really intended to get involved with the running of it much; I had always stood back whilst she revelled in amateur theatre and musicals.

Somehow, I got roped-in to do the technical side, producing backing tracks, and organising sound and lighting. In fact I used to do the sound and lighting for school productions when I was in the sixth form but I’m not going to tell you how long ago!

Over the years I learned a lot about mood-lighting and balanced sound to create successful shows. Yes there were a few hitches but less than in many both amateur and professional productions, and quite expectable with live performances having little chance for technical rehearsal at the final venue.

Doing a show was an all day job for technical crew and quite exhausting – but despite that I miss it now!

Carole & Chris at Devizes Rotary Superchoir 2018

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