Hello from Chris

When Carole was planning to start First Stages I wanted to give her plenty of support because I knew how much the idea had meant to her for many years. However I hadn’t really intended to get involved with the running of it much; I had always stood back whilst she revelled in amateur theatre and musicals.

Somehow, I got roped-in to do the technical side, producing backing tracks, and organising sound and lighting. In fact I used to do the sound and lighting for school productions when I was in the sixth form but I’m not going to tell you how long ago!

Over the years I learned a lot about mood-lighting and balanced sound to create successful shows. Yes there were a few hitches but less than in many both amateur and professional productions, and quite expectable with live performances having little chance for technical rehearsal at the final venue.

Doing a show was an all day job for technical crew and quite exhausting – but despite that I miss it now!

Carole & Chris at Devizes Rotary Superchoir 2018

Welcome from Carole

Hello – let me introduce myself… I’m Carole. Chris and I started First Stages in Devizes as a hobby which unexpectedly turned into a wonderful, exhausting and thrilling enterprise that took over our lives for ten years. Now that we’re retired, I SHOULD have more time, so I’m hoping to share some of the memories of First Stages from its beginnings as well as news from past members and colleagues! Well, that’s the plan! Ten years of First Stages, planning, launching, recruiting members, training, rehearsing promoting and producing shows was hard work, but we’ve loved it. Looking back at some of the old photos (tons of them in albums on our facebook page) just reminds us how much fun we had. I hope to be sharing some of our stories with you – and feel free to share your memories with us too.

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